Pride Month: The Sims To Host Virtual Pride Parade On Twitch

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The Sims 4 is having its first virtual Pride Parade on Twitch.

EA Games

June marks the 50th anniversary of [ ], and during a [ global pandemic], many traditional in-person celebrations are moving online. In honor of Pride Month, YouTuber EnglishSimmer will host a Virtual Pride Parade livestream on [ The Sims' Twitch channel]. Players can submit their best Sims from the life simulation game styled for Pride to potentially be featured in the parade.
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You can upload your Pride-themed Sim today through June 29 to The Sims 4 Gallery or on social media -- just be sure to use the hashtag #SimsPride2020. Tune into the livestream on June 30. 

"We want you to show your full expression of self," according to a release in The Sims 4 section of studio EA's website. "Be you. Embrace your fabulousness. Honor our history; honor each other. Whoever and however you love, whoever you are -- whether you're a woman, a man, neither, or both -- be proud."

Show your Pride! 🌈 Share your best Sims Pride look using [ #SimsPride2020] & tag [ @TheSims] for a chance to be featured in our virtual Pride Celebration! [ ][ #Pride] [ #PRIDE2020] []
— The Sims (@TheSims) [ June 15, 2020]

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[/news/20-years-ago-the-sims-gave-millennials-a-dream-life-reality-couldnt-match/ From its start in 2000], The Sims offered players the option to pursue same-sex relationships in the game, without boxing the character into any gender stereotype. In the real world, the US Supreme Court wouldn't [ legalize same-sex marriage] for another 15 years. On Monday, however, the [/news/tech-giants-praise-supreme-court-ruling-on-protections-for-lgbtq-workers/ Supreme Court ruled in favor of LBGTQI worker protections]. 

The game's first premade LGBTQI couple, [ Dylan and Audrey Shear], made their debut in 2009 in The Sims 3, along with their son Charlie. The [ Hecking] and [ Ngata] families were also LGBTQI, introduced in later expansion packs through The Sims 4. The trailer for The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion pack featured the wedding of Brent and Brant Hecking. [/news/e3-2019-sims-4-expansion-pack-goes-tropical-with-island-living/ The Sims 4: Island Living], which included the Ngata family, also introduced the first premade nonbinary Sim, [ Lia Huata].

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